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One Swindon Partnership

Towards a Public Service Transformation Lydiard Park

Since the announcement in July by the Secretary of State for Community and Local Government, a team team of individuals have been seconded from our One Swindon partner organisations to form a Public Services Transformation Team, with colleagues joining us from Department of Work and Pensions, Wiltshire Fire & Rescue Service, Wiltshire Police, Wiltshire Probation Trust and Swindon's Clinical Commissioning Group.
The team are currently developing a suite of business cases which support the range of One Swindon, Partners and Council priorities, e.g. reducing demand from hospital readmissions through community based health an social care. The emerging business case proposals were presented to the One Swindon Leadership Board for discussion in October.  Work will continue on the business cases between now and December ready for final sign off at the One Swindon Leadership Board meeting.  More information is available here

One Swindon Partnership Living, Working and Planning Together

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